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Corporate Beliefs

Many of the principled beliefs of the company are espoused in the CMR mission statement. To be included among these core beliefs are:

  • The Customer is everything.  Without our customers, CMR would not exist. We respect every Customer.
  • CMR believes in limiting the number of manufacturers represented.  CMR recognizes that a manufacturers' representative should be a marketing, sales, technical, and service professional; not a brokerage house.
  • CMR is the hardest working, most aggressive rep. in Texas.
  • CMR will continually strive to attract the most qualified and principled people to add to the CMR team.  This philosophy is paramount in CMR's drive to be the best.
  • CMR will judge its performance not based on other reps; and not based on our past performance. Every day is a new challenge with a new goal.

Selling is exceptionally challenging.  Success requires strong relationships with all Customers at the specification, wholesale, and contractor levels. To meet these challenges in a successful manner, CMR builds trust by proving to the Customer that CMR is totally competent, extremely ethical, and undeniably enthusiastic. CMR espouses these traits; and it works!

The end result is that Customers want CMR to be successful. This partnership is why CMR recognizes the Customer as king.


CMR is committed to excellence!!!


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Corporate Beliefs


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